Why I brought my sledgehammer to work

Personal Training

Truth be told I became a trainer to network, meet people and further my ‘chosen’ career in IT. But training helped me help others to better themselves physically and mentally. Training is therapeutic for many of my clients and I enjoy being a part of their transformation. I want them to develop good habits, enjoy working out and most of all have fun. I never want them to feel like coming to the gym is a chore.

My natural curiosity has led me to some unconventional methods of training. I read, watch videos and am constantly seeking knowledge to sharpen my skills. This has allowed my style to evolve. I am often seen walking through the gym with my bag of tricks – harnesses, ropes, bungee cords. My favorite pieces of equipment this week are a tire and a sledgehammer.

I have paired these new skills and new equipment with clients looking to challenge themselves and test their limits. A curiosity about Spartan and mud races has led me to develop Gladiator Training with fellow Trainer, Ed Gonera.

I love working with small groups – I enjoy the energy and support that a group provides. The group dynamic is fun. Many of my clients comment that group training reminds them of being a kid on a playground. And, that’s what it’s about for me.

I invite you to test your limits – step outside your comfort zone and train like a gladiator. I promise we’ll always have fun. Today it’s a tire and a sledgehammer. Tomorrow it might be a ??? Who knows? – You’ll never know what to expect.

Gladiator Training

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