Babysitting Info & Policies

Effective June 4, 2018

Babysitting Service is a supervised area for children & youth to utilize while parents are in the building.

General Info: Children may use this space for a maximum of 2 hours per visit. Each day there are special activities scheduled as well as open play areas with games, toys and coloring. Program space is supervised by staff and staff to children ratios are maintained

Fees: Cards can be purchased at the reception desk for $30. Each card provides 10 visits. One card per child (cannot be used by multiple children and will be stored in the book in the room.) Single sessions are available at $5.
Non members or those using babysitting while visiting another campus agency will be charged $10 per visit.

Reservations are requested to guarantee a space. Walk-ins are taken based on availability.

Call 845.362.4400 ext 172 during open hours to make your reservation.

Cancellations must be made a minimum 1 hr prior to reservation. If less than 1 hr your card will be punched for a
visit. After 2 no shows you will not be able to make a reservation. Please call if running late for your reservation.
Reservations will be held for up to one hour before being canceled by our staff and concidered a no show (your card will still be punched for this date).

Babysitting corner


Mon-Fri: ages 6 weeks-4 years (pre-K)
Evenings and weekends: ages 6 weeks-12 years


Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm
Monday-Thursday 4:30-7:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-1:30pm
Sunday 8:30am-1:30pm
Maximum 2 hours per day per child.


Babysitting operates on a 1:4 ratio (with an understanding that children 8 months and under count as 2 children in ratio). Example: if 2 staff are on duty they can have up to 8 children in their care. However, if there are 2 children 8 months or under they can only have a total of 6 children in their care.


No food, aside from a pre-made bottle for infants or a closed cup with water, milk or juice for toddlers will be allowed in the space and MUST be labeled with child’s name
Children who are sick or show signs of illness will not be accepted (at the discretion of staff member on duty).
Parent/guardian must remain in the building the entire time of the child’s stay.
All children must be signed in and out. Parent/guardian’s cell phone number and area that parent/guardian will be in building must be provided.
Strollers cannot enter the room. We ask that you park the stroller in the hall. Carriers can be brought in. This is to keep the space open for the children to explore and to lower the amount of dirt that is tracked in.
Parents will be notified and asked to return to the room if:
• Child becomes ill
• Child is upset and not able to be calmed or comforted by staff after all options have been exhausted
• Child needs a diaper change or assistance with wiping while using the bathroom


Mark Robertson
Fitness Administrative Assistant