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games & cards

Beginner Bridge Lessons

6 Thursdays, Oct 11 – Nov 15

Instructor: Marlene Case
This class is designed for Bridge beginners.
  • Member: $125
  • Public: $140


Intermediate Bridge Lessons

6 Tuesdays, Oct 9 – Nov 13

Instructor: Marlene Case
Learn how to step up your bridge game.
  • Member: $125
  • Public: $140


Beginner Canasta Lessons

6 Mondays, Oct 22 – Nov 26
3:30 – 5:30PM

This course will teach you the fundamentals, and then step by step you will acquire the skills necessary to master this competitive and exciting card game. Great way to make new friends!
Instructor: Gail Schrumpf
  • Member $125
  • Public $140

Registration is coming soon

Intermediate Canasta Lessons

6 Tuesdays, Oct 23 – Nov 27
1:00 – 3:00PM

If you have previously played canasta or completed the beginner course, this class is for you. Sharpen your skills and compete with others at your level with supervised play.
Instructor: Gail Schrumpf
  • Member $125
  • Public $140

Registration is coming soon

Beginner Mah Jongg Lessons

5 Tuesdays, Oct 16 – Nov 13
6:00 – 8:00PM

This class is designed for beginners. In six lessons you will be prepared to join your friends!
Instructor: Stacy Budkofsky
  • Member $100
  • Public $125


Intermediate Mah Jongg Lessons

5 Tuesdays, Nov 20 – Dec 18
6:00 – 8:00PM

Learned Mah Jongg but not comfortable yet? Played years ago and need to refresh. Here’s your chance.
Instructor: Stacy Budkofsky
  • Member $100
  • Public $125


Open Game Time

Monday-Friday, 9:30AM-5PM
The Esther Gitlow & Yvette Tekel Senior Program has tables available daily for Mah Jongg, Canasta, Rummy Q, Bridge, Scrabble and other games.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration not required.

Arts & Crafts

Knitting & Crocheting Circle

Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30AM
Create blankest, hats, sweaters and more. Some projects are donated, some are sold and some are created as gifts for family and friends. Instruction, encouragement and socialization. Novices welcome.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Myrna’s Art Group

Wednesdays, 12-1:30PM
Join us for a variety of art projects, including “adult” coloring books and air-dry clay—plus good conversation as we work.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Workshops and Lectures

Feminist Jewish Women

6 Mondays, Oct 8 – Nov 12

Facilitator: Merri Rosenbaum
FREE. JCC Members & Hadassah Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Modern Judaism
Tuesdays, Oct 2 – Dec 25
10:30AM – 12PM

Facilitator: Shel Haas
FREE. JCC Members only

Films with Renee

Wednesdays each month

  • Sept 12: Casablanca
  • Oct 24: Some Like it Hot
  • Nov 7: Cast a Giant Shadow
  • Dec 12: The Heiress
  • Jan 9: Funny Face

A retrospective of classic American films including a presentation with background information, analysis and discussion.
Facilitator: Renee Weiner
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Book Review Club


  • September 26: My Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout
  • November 21: A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler
  • December 19: Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

Facilitator: Lucille Schroeder
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Ongoing discussion groups

Schmooze on the News

No meeting Jan 1, May 21 & May 28
Roundtable discussion on topics in the news. Occasional guest speakers invited. Facilitator: Shel Haas
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

5 Star Trivia

Tuesdays, Jan 2–May 22 & Thursdays, Jan 4-May 31
No meeting on these Tuesdays: Feb 20, Mar 27, Apr 3 & May 29
No meeting on these Thursdays: Feb 22, Mar 29, Apr 5 & May 24
This group could also be called Cerebral Gymnastics. Test your knowledge on a variety of subjects, while having fun and keeping brain cells jumping.
Facilitator: Martin Resnik
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Women’s Discussion Group

Tuesdays, 12:30-2PM
This member-led rap group is for women who are looking for a warm, welcoming place to share and help one another.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Men’s Discussion Group

Tuesdays, 12:30-2PM
What’s said in the room stays in the room. Be part of this member-led rap group for men only.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Women’s Views on the News

Thursdays, Jan 4-May 31

You are invited to join a women’s group open discussion on local, national and international current events. This is a lively gathering of women who care about our world.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.

Men’s Discussion Group II

Thursdays, 12:45-2:15PM
There’s never enough time to chat – so we’ve created a second discussion group. This is a member-led rap group for men only.
FREE. JCC Members Only.
Registration required for free events.


Armchair Aerobics

12 Mondays, 10-10:45AM
Aug – Nov

​No class Sept 3, 10, 24, Oct 1, Nov 22
Sponsored by Institute for Advanced Rehab at Friedwald Center.
Instructor: Rafael Muniz
  • Member $50
  • Public $65
  • Fitness Member FREE

Registration required for free events.

Active adult fitness classes offered at the JCC Wellness Center.
Complementary month of fitness and wellness for all community members.
Offerings include classes such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Active Adults in Motion as well as access to free weights, strength training, cardio machines and locker with full amenities. Contact Marjorie Kornblau about membership at 845-362-4400 ext. 189.


Games are played weeknights at the JCC. Bring your own team or join one of ours. Play in either our competitive or recreational division. Season runs 10 games plus playoffs. T-shirt is $15 additional.
  • Member $150
  • Public $190

Registration is closed

Special Programming

Shabbat study with a schmear

Shabbat Study with a Schmear

Sponsored by Fountain View
Fridays, 12pm at JCC Rockland


Members $10
Public $18
Registration required.
*Please register early. Registrations taken the week of the event will be an additional $5.
Bagels and coffee served.
Register for all 8 sessions for $65.
Register for all 8 sessions

1968: Fifty Years Later

Join award-winning sports journalist Evan Weiner, for this indepth look at how the media – especially television – came into its own in the 1960s. From the first of the Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960, to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the scathing assessment of Vietnam by Walter Cronkite, Weiner explores how the media matured. You’ll learn how Edward R. Murrow and Senator Joseph McCarthy laid the groundwork. The foundation for the media we have today can be traced to these events and these important figures and how the events of 1968 from the war to protests, to assassinations came into the living room.

1913: The Life of Jews in Palestine

In the year before World War 1 erupted to engulf Europe and parts of the Middle East, a Zionist film crew set out from Russia to Palestine to make a newsreel that encouraged Russian Jews to make an alyia. With anti-Semitism raging Russia, emigration seemed to offer an escape and an opportunity to build a new life. The film was lost for more than 80 years before being discovered in France. We will view and discuss this original documentary. Presented by Art Aldrich.

New York City During World War II

Learn how the city and its inhabitants coped during wartime, and about the German American Bund, the troop ships Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, the Manhattan Project, the Brooklyn Army Terminal, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Stage Door Canteen, and more. Presented by Marty Schneit, New York City tour guide.

Kashrut, Culture and Community – Part 1
Kashrut, Culture and Community – Part 2

From the laws of kashrut to the influence of the culture in which Jews have lived, “Jewish food” has evolved over time. Join us as we explore the ritual and symbolic meanings of Jewish food and how meals of Jews across the globe differ (Why do Yeminite Jews eat Jachnoon, Why do Polish Jews dine on gefilte fish?) and what all Jewish menus share(Please pass the challah.) Presented by Carol King. Samples provided.
Register Part I
Register Part II

Fred Astaire, an American Icon

The presentation will discuss the legendary Astaire’s life and work with illustration and film footage. Marty Schneit will trace Astares seventy year performing career (which began in 1905 when at age six he debuted in vaudeville with his older sister Adele). Marty maintains that Astaire is one of the 20th century’s
greatest creative artists.


The third in Barry Levinson series of “Baltimore films” this movie tells the story of the inter-generational dynamic of a Jewish immigrants struggling to acculturate and seeking success while holding on to family values. The theme will be familiar to many. We will discuss the background and issues raised by this
film. Presented by Art Aldrich

Baseball In The American Culture

Baseball first popped up in the American culture in the mid-19th century but it was not until the mid-1880s that baseball achieved a level of prominence away from the field. Casey At The Bat was a poem that appeared in the San FranciscoExaminer and took on a life of its own. Take Me Out To The Ballgame is still sung 110 years after it was written. Abbott and Costello’s biggest routine was Who’s On First. Baseball has been a subject in books, on vaudeville stages, in a Broadway play, in song, in movies and television. Baseball cards played a role in kids growing up and Yogi Berra became an American icon. Join journalist Evan Weiner at this historic look at
America’s favorite pastime.


  • Sept 2nd, 11am
    Bagels & Lox brunch @ JCC
    $10 members/$12 non-members
  • Sept 13th, 6pm
    Hogans Diner- Orangeburg
    Separate checks
  • Oct 7th, 11am
    Social Gathering @ JCC
    $5 members/ $7 non-members
  • Oct 21st, 12pm
    Sutters Mill-Suffern
    Separate checks
  • Nov 4th, 11am
    Bagels & Lox brunch at JCC
    $10 members/ $12 non-members
  • Nov 18th, 12pm
    Ocean Empire-Pomona
    Separate checks

For more information, or to register contact
Gene Arkin at 845.356.5525
or Seymour Chenkin at 845.848.2038