November 7 – December 3, 2017

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All events will be held at JCC Rockland.

     2017 FESTIVAL SCHEDULE       

Friday, Nov 3, 12:30PM

Frank Sinatra: Lost Recordings Revived

(Part of Shabbat Study with a Schmear, Sponsored by Fourtainview)
A small glimpse of a career spanning almost seven decades, Sinatra aficionado, Floyd Lapp, will share the stories and actual recording of some of Ol Blue Eyes rare interviews and performances.
Members $8 Public $15

The Rabbi saved by Hitler's SoldiersOPENING NIGHT
Tuesday, Nov 7, 7PM

The Rabbi Saved by Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers – Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and His Astonishing Rescue

Author: Bryan Mark Rigg
When Hitler invaded Warsaw in the fall of 1939, hundreds of thousands of civilians were trapped in the besieged city. The Rebbe Joseph Schneersohn, the leader of the ultra-orthodox Lubavitcher Jews, was among them. When word of his plight went out, a group of American Jews initiated what would ultimately become one of the strangest—and most miraculous—rescues of World War II. And this is the incredible but true story that Bryan Mark Rigg tells in The Rabbi Saved by Hitler’s Soldiers.
Amid the chaos and hell of the emerging Holocaust, a small group of German soldiers shepherded Rebbe Schneersohn and his Hasidic followers out of Poland. In the course of the daring escape—traveling by train to Berlin, rerouted to Latvia and Sweden, and carried by ship through U-boat-infested waters to America—the Rebbe would learn a shocking truth. The leader of the rescue operation, the decorated Wehrmacht soldier Ernst Bloch, was himself half-Jewish, and a victim of the rising tide of German anti-Semitism.

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  • At Door $25

Monday, Nov 13, 10AM-12:30PM

3rd Annual Walter Block Memorial Endowment Fund Presentation
A History of Jewish American Music and Theatre
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Thursday, Nov 16


Rags is the extraordinary story of Rebecca, a young Jewish mother, who immigrates to America with her young son in search of opportunity and a better life. With music written by Charles Strouse (Annie), lyrics by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked) and characters created by Joseph Stein (Fiddler on the Roof) this musical takes a close look at what it means to be an immigrant and to be an American. Before the show we will dine at the beautiful Gelston House.
Member $125 Public $140


My Mother’s Kitchen

Peter Gethers
Peter Gethers wants to give his aging mother a very personal and perhaps final gift: a spectacular feast featuring all her favorite dishes. The problem is, although he was raised to love food and wine he doesn’t really know how to cook. So he embarks upon an often hilarious and always touching culinary journey that will ultimately allow him to bring his mother’s friends and loved ones to the table one last time.
The daughter of a restaurateur―the restaurant was New York’s legendary Ratner’s―Judy Gethers discovered a passion for cooking in her 50s. In time, she became a mentor and friend to several of the most famous chefs in America, including Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton and Jonathan Waxman; she also wrote many cookbooks and taught cooking alongside Julia Child. In her 80s, she was robbed of her ability to cook by a debilitating stroke. But illness has brought her closer than ever to her son: Peter regularly visits her so they can share meals, and he can ask questions about her colorful past, while learning her kitchen secrets. Gradually his ambition becomes manifest: he decides to learn how to cook his mother the meal of her dreams and thereby tell the story of her life to all those who have loved her.
Appetizers served. BYOB

  • Advance $36
  • At door $50

Sunday, Nov 19, 7PM

The Five Day War

Dr. Mendy Ganchrow
Wine & Cheese will be served and is sponsored by Mary & Paul Adler
Event is co-sponsored with Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland

Dr. Rob Savarin, a Board-Certified surgeon, is completing his residency in colo-rectal surgery when such an invitation arrives unexpectedly. The problem is that Dr. Savarin is not only Jewish but also Orthodox and a devout Zionist.
This novel is based on an actual invitation from the Saudi Arabian government to Ganchrow to serve as a surgeon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mendy Ganchrow came to Rockland County after serving as a combat surgeon in Vietnam. There he also served as a volunteer Jewish Chaplain. He was promoted to Major and received the Army Commendation Medal. He became Chief of Surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital and was then appointed Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at NY Medical College.
In 1982 he founded and remained President of HUVPAC, then the largest pro-Israel political action committee in the country until 1995. A community leader, he served as President of the Community Synagogue of Money and ASHAR. In 1994 he became National President of the OU-Orthodox Union

In addition to his 4 books, he has written numerous Op-Eds on political, religious and general themes. His Op-Eds have been published in many newspapers.

  • $18 in advance
  • $25 at door
Admission includes a copy of the book and $10 of each admission will be donated through Jewish Federation & Foundation to Leket which works to alleviate hunger in Israel.

Age-proof Thursday, Nov 30, 7PM

AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip

Jean Chatzky
All the money in the world doesn’t mean a thing if we can’t get out of bed. And the healthiest body in the world won’t stay that way if we’re frazzled about five figures worth of debt. TODAY Show financial expert Jean Chatzky and the Cleveland Clinic’s chief wellness officer Dr. Michael Roizen explain the vital connection between health and wealth–giving readers all the tactics, strategies, and know-how to live longer, healthier, more lucrative lives.

Sponsored by

This presentation of Age-Proof is made possible by the generosity of Micki and Jim Leader.

  • Advance $18
  • At door $25

Stolen Legacy Friday, Dec 1, 12:30PM

Stolen Legacy

Dina Gold
(Part of Shabbat Study with a Schmear, Sponsored by Fourtainview)
When former BBC investigative reporter and TV producer, Dina Gold, was a little girl, her grandmother told her stories about the glamorous life she had led in pre-war Berlin and how she dreamed of one day reclaiming the grand building that had housed the family business. Dina will share her fight to retrieve her family’s building and the sordid history of the insurance company that had unjustly occupied it.

  • Advance $18
  • At door $25

Sunday, Dec 3, 3PM

We’ll Always Have Casablanca: The Life, Legend, and Afterlife of Hollywood’s Most Beloved Movie

Noah Isenberg
For the 75th anniversary of its premiere, the incredible story of how Casablanca was made and why it remains the most beloved of Hollywood films. Casablanca was first released in 1942, featuring a pitch-perfect screenplay, a classic soundtrack, and unforgettable performances by Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and a deep supporting cast.

We’ll Always Have Casablanca is celebrated film historian Noah Isenberg’s rich account of this most beloved movie’s origins. Through extensive research and interviews with filmmakers, film critics, family members of the cast and crew, and diehard fans, Isenberg reveals the myths and realities behind Casablanca’s production, exploring the transformation of the unproduced stage play into the classic screenplay, the controversial casting decisions, the battles with Production Code censors, and the effect of the war’s progress on the movie’s reception. Isenberg particularly focuses on the central role refugees from Hitler’s Europe played in the production.

Filled with fresh insights into Casablanca’s creation, production, and legacy, We’ll Always Have Casablanca is a magnificent account of what made the movie so popular and why it continues to dazzle audiences seventy-five years after its release.

  • Advance $18
  • At door $25

Bake sales are my b*tch Monday, Dec 4, 7PM

Bake Sales Are My B*tch: Win the Food Allergy Wars with 50+ Recipes to Keep Kids Safe and Parents Sane

April Peveteaux

Living the food allergy life and having a kid who can’t have dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, or soy is not easy. And neither is worrying about accommodating all the food requirements at a play date.

From avoiding major food allergens and respecting food preferences like vegetarian or vegan to being aware of religious practices like keeping kosher, making a simple snack resembles navigating a minefield. Thankfully, Bake Sales Are My B*tch is here to help.

April Peveteaux’s 50-plus recipes cover the eight major food allergens and everything from school lunches, kids parties, sleepover foods, after-school snacks, and, yes, bake sales. In Bake Sales Are My B*tch, she gets into the nitty-gritty of food allergies, from deadly serious reactions to how to deal with those who don’t take your kid’s allergy seriously. Whether you’re a freaked-out parent or not, Pevetaux lends some much-needed guidance―and teaches you to make party foods that’ll be a surefire hit.
Wine and snacks served. Come early to shop at our Holiday Boutique

  • Advance $18
  • At door $25

Bake sales are my b*tchSAVE THE DATE
Friday, Apr 20, 1PM

Twenty Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film

Alexandra Zapruder

On November 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder left his office hoping for a glimpse of President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade as it passed by Dealey Plaza. A Russian Jewish immigrate who wholeheartedly loved his home in America, Abe was thrilled at the chance to see the young president in person – and perhaps to bring back a home movie of this once-in-a-lifetime moment for his family.

The twenty-six seconds of Abrahams Zapruder’s footage depicting the JFK assassination, is now iconic, forever embedded in American culture and identity. The first major instance for citizen journalism, this amateur film forced Abraham Zapruder to face unprecedented dilemmas: How to handle his unexpected ownership of a vitally important yet unspeakably terrible piece of American history? How to aid the U.S. government and, and at the time, fend off the swarm of reporters grasping to purchase the film? How to make the best decision to ensure the film was safeguarded – but never exploited?

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  • At door $25


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