A Guide to Win at Quarantine Fitness: The Secret is to Start NOW

It’s been interesting watching how my daughters, Sasha, 16, and Adena, 12, are managing virtual school.

It’s also been very predictable.

They both receive assignments the week prior to their due dates, usually the Thursday before. Sasha will have it all completed by Sunday. She’ll plough through it with laser focus. Netflix, Facetimes, etc. are all suspended. Sasha is serious and likes to get things done, and then relax.

Adena on the other hand, will do a little math, watch some Grey’s Anatomy (she’s on season 4, Netflix), and have a virtual sleepover with camp friends. She can maximize enjoyment out of any situation. The night before something is due, there will be lots of talk….not so much action. Somehow, she gets her work done. (Phew.)

By the way, they both do well in school. They just have different paths.

This made me think of you. I have been talking with many of you on a regular basis. The majority fall into two different groups:

Group A: You are more fit than ever. Going out for more walks and taking more classes than before, thanks to our virtual platforms. You are ploughing through.

Group B: You are struggling to keep consistently active. I get it. It’s hard to motivate yourself to exercise at home–especially if your go-to was an elliptical in the Fitness Center, 450 Cycle class, or Pickleball. You are on my mind all the time.

Like my daughters, I know both groups can be successful.

  • Group A: Stay strong and keep going. Try an intermediate or advanced virtual class or workout on our JCC Rockland App (download it wherever you get apps).
  • Group B: You can do this. Start slowly, with just one thing. Watch any class and aim to do the warm-up. That’s it. The next day, do the warm-up, and try the first 5 minutes. Classes not your thing? Try the app. Look at the “Beginner” workout of the day, and try the first exercise. The next day, try two exercises. Please do not wait “until Monday,” or for the quarantine to end. Start today, so you will come out of this healthy and strong.

Our JCC Rockland At Home Workouts Facebook page is a multi-faceted resource for all. And by the way, you do NOT have to be a Facebook user to access it. On there, you can find workout tips, class videos, as well as our new foodie demos. Remember, anything posted on the Facebook page will remain there, and available to you on-demand.

I’ve heard folks in both groups comment that their eating is “out of control.” Like a train that left the station, hard to stop. I urge you to resume healthy eating habits now–and not wait for the quarantine to end.

On the Facebook page, our staff has been posting healthy meals to motivate you, as well as offering cooking demos. Last week Kat made a reduced-calorie DELICIOUS grilled cheese sandwich, and the week before I made a single-serve cinnamon roll cake in a mug with Sasha and Adena. This week, we are making a high-protein, 3-ingredient bread. Check it out, Thursday, 7pm.

As always I am here for you, all of you. Feel free to drop me a note at I would be happy to help you map-out the rest of your quarantine fitness and wellness, whatever your goals. Together, we will come out stronger than before!