Sarah Ruback

Sarah Ruback
Balance Body, in Mat, Reformer and Apparatus
ACE Group
Pink Ribbon Programs
TRX Group Suspension
The MELT Method
Sarah holds additional training in Ballecore, Anatomy in Clay® Core Data 1 and is the lead anatomy instructor at Core Pilates NYC.
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Mat Pilates
Mondays: 9:10-10am

Reformer & Mat
Tuesdays: Jan 24-Feb 28
6:30-7:30 pm

Pilates Reformer

Sarah Ruback is a Pilates educator, Director of Education and Senior Staff at Core Pilates NYC®. Sarah began studying Pilates when she was 18 in conjunction with dance and movement studies, culminating in an MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama. Sarah is trained classically through Core Pilates NYC® in Mat and Comprehensive. She has grown with Core over the past decade and has educated and graduated hundreds of instructors who are sought after for their classical know-how and application of skills tailored to the individual and small group class training models.

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