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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JCCrewards?

JCC Rewards MemberAs a qualified member of JCC Rockland, you have been automatically registered in a complimentary program called JCCrewards, a member appreciation program designed to reward you with valuable prizes in exchange for your continued participation at the Russin Fitness & Wellness Center.

Now that you're a member, whenever you complete a qualifying event, you will earn points that you can accumulate and redeem for fantastic prizes such as Pilates and Personal Training services, credit toward annual dues, free lock rentals and much, much more. And, guess what? You already have points!

For more information on the ways to earn additional points, click here.

How do I get a Free JCCrewards account?

You already have one -- simply go to www.jccrewards.org and follow the instructions to "Activate My Account." Your information will be verified with the information on file and you will create your own password. If you experience challenges logging on, we may have outdated or different information on file. In that case, you may either stop by the Fitness Desk, contact customer support directly using the online help page or send an email to support@jccrewards.org.

What if I forgot or don't know my password?

If you forgot or don't know your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password" option on the home page. Fill in your email address and press "Submit" and a JCCrewards support team member will email your password to you.

What if I do not have an email address?

Because this is an online program, having access to the internet is essential to view your account and redeem points. We recommend getting an email address to use in the program. Not having an email address does not preclude you from earning points, but we will not be able to notify you via email that you have points.

When will my points post to my account?
Points will be posted to our members' accounts by the first week of the month. The points that will post will be that month's birthdays and/or anniversaries and the previous month's usage, purchases and other miscellaneous events (e.g., liking us on Facebook).

What if I'm having trouble activating my account?
If you are encountering any difficulties, please contact Jackie Guenego, Membership Marketing Administrator at jackieg@jccrockland.org.


Membership Should Never Be Pointless

How Do I Earn? Points
Activate your JCCrewards Account 250
Inspire a Friend to Join 1250
Your Friend Redeemed a JCCrewards 7-day Guest Pass 150
Every Fitness Center Check-in 2
12 or More Visits in One Month 75
Complete a New Member Orientation & Workout 250
Complete a 30-min Complimentary Pilates Session 250
Participate in Small Group Training Demo 150
Every $2 spent on PT and Pilates 1
Every $1 spent on Small Group Training 1
Purchase a PT or Pilates Intro Package 100
Yearly Locker Rental Purchase 50
Yearly Membership Anniversary 200
Happy Birthday! 150


Point Level Description

1,250 Three (7) Day Guest Passes
1,250 5 Babysitting 1 hour visits
1,250 1 Month Gift Membership
1,250 1 Month Locker Service
2,500 One 30 Minute Personal Training Session
2,500 2 Drop-in Small Group Training Classes
2,500 Reassessment & FitLinxx Program Update
2,500 $35 JBucks
5,000 2 Month Gift Membership
5,000 One (1) hour Pilates
5,000 $75 JBucks
5,000 One (1) hour Personal Training
5,000 1 Month Unlimited Babysitting
5,000 3 Month Locker Rental
10,000 8 Week Small Group Training
10,000 $150 Worth of Membership Dues
10,000 $150 JBucks
10,000 1 Year Locker Rental
10,000 3 Month Gift Membership
17,500 $275 Worth of Membership Dues
17,500 $275 JBucks
17,500 Three (1) hour Personal Training Sessions & One (1) hour Pilates
25,000 $400 Worth of Memberhship Dues
25,000 $400 JBucks
25,000 Five (1) hour Personal Training Sessions & One (1) hour Pilates